Libby Hoffman

Libby Hoffman is from the U.S. but has done plenty of work in Sierra Leone; she also happens to be a former Principia political science department faculty member. Libby will be giving the keynote talk on Thursday night as well as a second talk during/for Faith in Action on Friday. She is the founder and president of the foundation Catalyst for Peace whose mission statement reads “We catalyze authentic cooperation between leaders at all levels and their outside partners where the unique experience, wisdom and resources of each are valued and utilized to co-create healthy communities and a more peaceful world” (https://www.catalystforpeace.org/about/ ). Libby specializes in community reconciliation, restorative justice, and storytelling.

Ibidolapo Akinyombo

Ibidolapo Akinyombo is from Nigeria and she will be giving her talk in the early afternoon on Friday. She is a trustee board member of two nonprofits currently; the first is Comfort Literacy Intervention & Capacity Enhancement (CLICE) and the second is Consumer Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation (CADEF). CLICE specializes in providing “…social development interventions which focuses on inclusive education, livelihood, enhancement for low-income households, economic empowerment, Gender and social Inclusion, capacity development and system strengthening” (Ibidolapo Akinyombo’s Professional Bio). CADEF specializes in “…the need to increase the level of awareness of the consumers on standardization of goods and services, as well as enforcement and litigation and the desire to act as an incubator that promotes entrepreneurship amongst the youth” (cadefng.org). Additionally, she has experience in the fields of humanitarianism, social development, media & entertainment, philosophy, and psychology.