The goal of Principia’s International Perspective Conference is to enrich our college and the surrounding community by bringing in speakers from different parts of the world. Building bridges, that transcend oceans and continents, lead to connections that create a unified global community. When individuals are given the opportunity to openly share their stories and experiences, peace and understanding are established.


Connecting Through Change
IPC 2019

These days it certainly feels like our world is becoming smaller. Advances in technology continue to create easier ways to meet and stay in touch with one another; travel has become far more accessible and affordable for people; many businesses operate on international levels, regardless of their size; countries are realizing the importance of supporting one another, and individuals are truly recognizing their identity as global citizens.

IPC 2018

IPC 2018: Limitless



Breaking Stereotypes
IPC 2017


From Conflict to Peace
IPC 2016


Empowerment as Equals
IPC 2015


At a Crossroads: Globalization and Culture
IPC 2014