Meet Our Speakers!

by Jessica Barker

This year’s International Perspectives Conference is just days away, and so the time has come to introduce another one of our speakers. Today, we are happy to introduce Killian Stokes!

Killian has worked for more than 20 years in telecoms and NGO sectors all across Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Killian’s practical work as a global social entrepreneur focuses on social justice and reformation of economic models, engaging directly with farmers and local communities in Africa as full partners. For over a decade, Killian has worked as a consultant for philanthropic organizations and as an active fundraiser. His goal is to transform a key component of international trade for African nations. So far, he has helped raise €8m for good causes. He has also focused on overcoming climate change and poverty through the power of business, shared values, and sustainable trade. Mr. Stokes lectures in business and global development at University College of Dublin.
If you would like to learn more about Killian, we encourage you to watch this video about his work: Springboard Graduate Killian Stokes, UCD

Killian will be giving his talk titled “LIMITLESS” at 1PM on Friday October 5th in Wanamaker!