LET’S TALK: What Does It Mean to be LIMITLESS?


by Marie Sherman

What does it mean to be limitless? What are ways you’ve placed limits on yourself or others? What are some world beliefs that limit people? How would your life and choices be different if you felt that you were unlimited? These were some of the questions that prompted discussion during IPC’s Let’s Talk event, held on Friday, March 9th. The purpose of Let’s Talk discussions, which were created by Friendship Around the World are to bring members of Principia’s community together to share diverse ideas on a topic. This Let’s Talk was sponsored by IPC and centered on the theme for this year’s conference: Limitless.


Attendees were given small table groups to sit in and discuss questions connected to the Limitless theme along with members of the IPC executive board. After a few minutes of discussion at each table, attendees were invited to rotate to the next table with another set of questions and new people.


Anna-Zoë Herr, former IPC director, was the MC for the event. She prompted the room with reflection questions before the group discussions began, and gathered everyone together at the end in a circle to share what they were going to take away from the discussion.


One of the best features of the event was the giant table of international snacks ranging from German chocolate, Russian cookies, Baklava, Pilipino chips, Japanese jello and everything in between.


All in all, it was a wonderful way to kick off IPC 2018. Stay tuned for more fun events to come in the fall!